How to triple your exhibition booth size and save money

“Mr. Gorbashow, tear down these trade show booth walls”, Arun Madhok

Arun Madhok CEO Suntec Singapore

History repeats itself

Ronald Reagan’s speech in 1987 about the Berlin wall is probably more famous. But Arun Madhok’s idea is very similar. Exhibition walls create barriers. They limit free flow of ideas and people.

Learning from ancient markets

In fact, not even weekend markets in India have competitors separated by walls. So why would we do this at exhibitions? Arun’s idea is simple: “Mr. Gorbashow (not to be mistaken with Mr. Gorbachev), tear down these trade show booth walls.”

Organize a pavilion

Imagine 4 exhibitions booths. Each booth is 9sqm. Each booth has white shell scheme walls. They all look the same.

Now imagine a pavilion with 36sqm and a large signboard on top. The pavilion has 4 separate counters, a storage area, a little reception desk, and even a little catering area. Overall, all 4 exhibitors have a much more powerful booth. And yet they save money compared to individual 9sqm booths.

Learn form Arun

How is that possible? How can I find co-exhibitors? Who should I co-exhibit with and who not? Arun shares his experience in the exhibitor master class.